Giving Back to Our Communities

At Sooie Sauce, we’re helping to inspire and empower young people to graduate from high school and pursue their life goals. We also are dedicated to exposing youth to entrepreneurship and mentoring youth in entrepreneurial, business, and life skills.

According to the US Census Bureau, 2.2 million young people in America dropped out of high school in 2014. The high costs of high school dropouts in terms of the economy, personal income potential and employment, crime, literacy and health are eye-opening. A few years ago, after hearing that 75% of America’s state prison inmates and 59% of America’s federal prison inmates are high school dropouts, our company was compelled to become proactive in addressing the obstacles young people face on the path to high school graduation.

Sooie Sauce seeks to make a positive impact in local communities through our strategic community partnerships, our youth entrepreneurship program, and by working with local leaders and national champions to inspire young people and make a difference.